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The Six Five with Patrick Moorhead and Daniel Newman

Dec 9, 2019

Welcome to this edition of “Six Five Insiders” with Daniel Newman, Principal Analyst of Futurum Research and co-host, Patrick Moorhead, President and Principal Analyst of Moor Insights and Strategy. In this edition of our podcast, we continue with our new “Insiders” series, where we partner with some of the world’s greatest technology companies and leaders to discuss innovation, digital transformation and emerging technology trends!


In this episode of “Six Five Insiders,” we’re proud to host Deepak Patil, Senior Vice President of Dell Technologies Cloud.


For those wanting to scan the topics, we have prepared the following show notes to include what we covered in the show and the insights we were able to gain from our guest, Deepak.


What is Dell trying to do relating to the cloud?


  • The cloud industry has evolved a lot in 15 years, becoming more of an operating model than a destination.
  • Dell predicts that customers will eventually have between four and five cloud providers, all offering different solutions.


When customers think about the cloud, they think about three things:


  • A better way of doing IT.
  • Access to the innovation happening with IoT, AI, blockchain, and more.
  • A very modern way of delivering assets and services in pay as you go, subscription model, self-serve on demand, models, etc.


What’s the difference between hybrid cloud and multicloud?


  • A hybrid cloud is an operating model that delivers the things people want across datacenters with the private cloud, public cloud, and edge cloud; it’s predictable and consistent.
  • The multicloud is a mechanism to deliver some of those capabilities, where multiple cloud providers come together.


Is the hybrid cloud temporary?


  • Not everything is going to move to public clouds by Monday, and in fact many in the workforce won’t.
  • Lifecycle management of the workforce is key to the next frontier for cloud providers, so acceptance of hybrid clouds will evolve, with them becoming a core part of the strategy for everyone.
  • The # 1 IS provider is involved in the hybrid cloud, and its use of Outposts indicate we’re at the point of no return here.
  • In fact, Amazon’s Outposts announcement is a validation of the likely acceptance of the hybrid cloud, and acceptance of the cloud as an operating model and not a destination.
  • We’ll likely see more investment and acceptance of private, public, and edge clouds across all the cloud providers moving forward.


It seems like most companies are trying to differentiate themselves from others. How is Dell doing this?


  • Dell has the most advanced hyperconverged infrastructure in the industry, with a massive customer base already, so customers don’t have to go anywhere else or uproot the ecosystem.
  • For a workforce that lives in the hybrid private cloud ecosystem, Dell has more experience than anyone else, and has been around 35 years building private infrastructure systems.
  • Dell can deliver storage, data protection, backup, and DR network services across multiple clouds seamlessly, predictably and consistently. Services are transcending different clouds.
  • When it comes to really bringing the cloud entitlements, like subscription metering, Dell has billions of dollars of businesses doing that already, so it will just be extending that.


What’s the next big discussion around the Cloud?


  • The private hybrid cloud will become a mainstream conversation.
  • Service life-cycle management will be the next big frontier for cloud providers.


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For Patrick Moorhead and Daniel Newman, we are out of here. Take care until next time!


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