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The Six Five with Patrick Moorhead and Daniel Newman

Nov 3, 2022

The Six Five is live for Micron's 1-beta DRAM announcement unveiled this week with the company announcing its next DRAM process node, 1-beta, the world's most advanced DRAM technology.

Hosts Patrick Moorhead and Daniel Newman are joined by Thy Tran, VP of DRAM Process Integration at Micron, for another Six Five "Insider" edition podcast. Their conversation covered:

  • The journey to 1-beta DRAM, including overcoming scaling difficulties
  • How Micron is uniquely leading the marketing in both DRAM & NAND and what they have done to achieve this
  • The benefits 1-beta has for mobile memory, specifically LPDDR5X, which the company is now shipping samples of on the 1-beta node
  • A preview of future benefits the 1-beta process node will bring to end market segments

To learn more about this announcement, check out Micron's website at