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The Six Five with Patrick Moorhead and Daniel Newman

Mar 7, 2024

On this episode of The Six Five - On The Road, hosts Patrick Moorhead and Daniel Newman   are joined by HP's Jim Nottingham, Senior Vice President and Division President. Jim shares thoughtful insights on how HP is gearing up to revolutionize artificial intelligence (AI) accessibility and innovation through its new Z by HP products and solutions. The discussion delves into HP's commitment to fostering the new era of AI at scale, emphasizing the democratization of AI, the progress of the Z by HP AI Studio, and the integration of AI in various industries through high-performance Z workstations.

The discussion covers:

  • The importance of HP's announcements at HP Imagine and the new developments presented at APC for making AI more accessible and democratizing AI.

  • The early-stage development of Z by HP AI Studio, its expected broader availability, and the feedback received from the AI Studio Lighthouse Account Program.

  • The pivotal role of AI in industries like media and entertainment, product development and manufacturing, and architecture, engineering, and construction, through the utilization of Z workstations.

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