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The Six Five with Patrick Moorhead and Daniel Newman

Oct 19, 2022

Tune in for a replay of The Six Five Summit’s #Cloud #Infrastructure Spotlight Keynote with Dave Brown, VP, Amazon EC2, AWS.

AWS is constantly innovating on behalf of its customers. With more than 500 instances, Amazon EC2 has the broadest and deepest portfolio of instances in the cloud to run virtually every workload. This portfolio includes instances that are powered by Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA, as well as AWS-designed custom chips. To further increase performance, drive down cost, and accelerate innovation, AWS has invested in its own custom silicon. When it comes to silicon innovation, AWS has a long and proven history, including the Nitro System, Graviton processors, and Inferentia and Trainium chips for machine learning. In this session, Pat Moorhead and Dave will dive deep into the latest offering, the AWS Graviton3 processors that enable the best price-performance for compute-intensive workloads in Amazon EC2.

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